All Out-Door Work Suspended
And Contractors Are in Despair

The Buffalo Evening News  April 20, 1901  

This morning for the first time in their lives the Pan-American Exposition contractors and heads of outdoor departments threw up their hands in despair.

"Ach, du Lieber," exclaimed Landscape Architect Ulrich, the unterrified, in intense disgust as he raised the curtain of the window of his room and looked out upon the still white landscape.  The blossoming crocuses, the budding hyacinths and tulips, upon which he had spent several weeks of work, were all buried under eight inches of snow.

Worse yet, the work of paving the streets had to be suspended, and all landscape work had to be discontinued. As opening day is only ten days away, the work will now remain unfinished upon that date, for a full week has been knocked out of the calendar by this mis-sent snowstorm of the 18th, 19th, and 20th of April.

All of the other heads of departments whose charge lies out of doors were as deeply vexed as Mr. Ulrich. Building, plastering and painting operations were completely paralyzed this morning. Director of Color Turner had to discontinue work on tuning up the colors of the buildings, since Nature had so rudely butted in with a color scheme of its own. Mr. Bell ceased to set up the various groups of statuary, and went about smiling at the grotesque effects that many of the figures presented, with tall ermine caps of snow on their heads, huge epaulets of snow on their shoulders and nothing else to protect their shivering nakedness.

The only activity possible was in the interior of the buildings where the work of building booths and installing exhibits went on without interruptions.

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