Agricultural Implements: Stadium

Exposition planners encountered the pleasant problem of too many interested vendors for the space allowed for Agricultural and Machinery exhibits. Fortunately, within the northeastern portion of the grounds was the Stadium with its covered storage under the north and south sides, convenient to the Agriculture Building and related agricultural buildings. The south side of the stadium, an area 22 feet wide by 200 feet long, was therefore assigned to the display of agricultural implements.



" The place is much haunted by farmers, who caress the ploughs as a surgeon might his pet instruments; but it is by no means an uninteresting place for people who know little about farming. A significant exhibit is a reaper made especially for the Mexican trade, showing that we are learning the first principle of commerce with the southern countries - not to force on them what we think would be good for them, but to give them precisely what they themselves demand."

Mary Bronson Hart, "How to See the Pan-American Exposition"



Thomas M. Moore, Superintendent Machinery, Vehicles & Agricultural Implements