"Giles Firmin, a man about 50 years of age, went to the Temple of Music at noon today and attempted to sing for the benefit of the few who were there taking a rest in the cool recesses. He was taken to police station 3 by one of the guards and sent to No. 13 of the city police station by Capt. Fox. He gave his address as the Columbia lodging house, corner Quay and Main street."


Articles About the
Temple of Music &
Music at the Exposition

Rare Beauty of the Temple of Music -
   Buffalo Evening News March 2, 1901

Putting Up the Mammoth Organ -
   Buffalo Evening News May 2, 1901

Thunderstorm entertainment -
   Buffalo Evening News July 6, 1901

Details about the Organ (pdf) -
from "Music at the Pan-American Exposition" booklet

Here is an excellent site about music at the Pan-American (takes you out of this site)

What Happened to the great Emmons Howard Organ?




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