Minnesota Building


The Minnesota Building was located on the eastern edge of the area reserved for state and foreign buildings. It was a two-story colonial design with ornamented balconies on the second story and a center gable. Constructed in staff, it was a "deep straw color and white" and cost was $7,500.

The Rand McNally Handbook of the Pan-American Exposition describes it thus: "The central reception hall has a fireplace in the rear, facing the entrance, stairs winding around the rear. The reception hall is open to the second floor and is surrounded by a balcony. To the right and left of the hall are reception rooms. To the left, in the rear, are the rooms of the commissioners. To the right, in the rear, are the toilet rooms. The second story of the building contains the state bedrooms and the rooms of the attendants. There are bedrooms in the third story. Exhibits of an educational and industrial nature adorn the walls of the rooms, forming an interesting exhibit of the state's resources."

For more details on the building, see the Report of the Board of Managers.